Friday, March 29, 2013

Travel Tips For The Whole Family

Travel Tips For The Whole Family
BRIGHTON, Mich.- With spring here and summer coming up, we have developed a couple of Travel Tips For The Whole Family to make your trip to your vacation plans more pleasant! Vacations are all about rest and relaxation, so set the stage for an enjoyable family trip with these simple tips.

1. Rest up prior to departing. This will ensure that you are alert especially if you have a long drive in the plans. As for the kids, they may actually enjoy sleeping through the drive!

2. Troubleshoot sticky situations before they happen. If flying, make sure to jump on the web to obtain security checkpoint regulations and pack accordingly—the last thing you want is trouble there! If you're driving, check out the roads and weather conditions prior to departing.

3. Pack a bag of tricks: hand sanitizer, snacks, over-the-counter medications, and something refreshing to drink perhaps. You may want to include a surprise or two—break out a new book, mini-board game or maybe an iTunes Card or a Kindle Book!

4. Entertain yourself and each other: Whether flying, driving, or on the train, today's electronics can provide endless entertainment, check out some new apps for books, movies, or games. For a long drive, the alphabet game with license plates is a classic, or invent your own game!

5. Take breaks to allow yourself and your family to stretch out along the way, incorporate rest stops into your itinerary, or make meals along the way fun by acting as a food critic while you sample different types of rest stop cuisine.

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