Monday, June 29, 2015

Millennials Fear Other Motorists Driving Dangerously More Than Anything Else

Millennials Fear Other Motorists Driving Dangerously More Than Anything Else

BRIGHTON, Mich. - Many believe that the most common fear among human beings is the fear of public speaking, death or spiders, but when it comes to Millennials, you're wrong: Millennials fear other motorists driving dangerously more than anything else! A new survey released by Ford Motor Co. says that Millennials and Generation Z consumers' top driving fears include backing out onto busy streets, maneuvering into tight parking spaces and monitoring blind spots. 

For decades, public speaking has held the top fear spot, as well as spiders. However, younger generations are growing up with completely different fears than their parents or grandparents. Today, younger drivers are more worried about distracted drivers. See the list below:

Top fears for Millennials and Generation Z:

  1. Other motorists driving dangerously (88%)
  2. Public speaking (75%)
  3. Death (74%)
  4. Spiders (69%)
  5. Snakes (69%)

The most worrisome driving conditions for Millennials and Generation Z survey respondents include snowy or icy roads, maneuvering into a tight parking spot, backing out onto a busy street, monitoring blind spots and not knowing where they are going. Millennials fear other motorists driving dangerously more than anything else, and that is why Ford Motor Co. offers technologies that will assist drivers in operating their vehicles as safely as possible. Research shows that 65 percent of respondents are more likely to purchase a vehicle if it has the technology to help with parallel parking. 

With technologies like Enhanced Park Assist, Ford is going the extra mile to make sure ALL drivers feel safe and confident in its vehicles. Ford Motor Co. is listening to its customers' wants and needs, and part of what understanding your customers means is using data like this to inform how Ford researches and develops new technologies. Vehicles that offer the Enhanced Park Assist include the Ford Fusion, F-150 and the 2015 Ford EdgeBrighton Ford is located at 8240 Grand River Ave. just north of I-96 in Brighton. We are a family owned and operated business that strives for customer satisfaction. For more information on Brighton Ford visit or give us a call at (800) 836-8206.

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