Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ford's Virtual Reality Lab Improves Global Vehicle Quality

Ford's Virtual Reality Lab Improves Global Vehicle Quality
BRIGHTON, Mich - Virtual reality isn't just for video games. Ford Motor Company is once again taking it to the next level with their virtual reality lab to improve global vehicle quality. Ford is the very first automaker to use a ultrahigh-definition, virtual reality lab that allows designers and engineers to work simultaneously on vehicles in real time.

Virtual reality can actually be more effective than real-world design development. In 2013 alone, Ford designers and engineers have tested more than 135,000 details on 193 virtual vehicle prototypes. Ford is globally improving vehicle quality and craftsmanship. Engineers and designers can experience vehicles just as a customer would in the showroom with this virtual technology. Using immersive virtual space, they can create visuals almost exactly like a real car, which in return improves vehicle quality and craftsmanship.

With a more lively, precision-oriented work environment, the customer is already seeing improvements, such as certain features of the new Ford Fusion and all-new Ford Mustang. In the Fusion, engineers were able to determine side-view mirror placement for optimal visibility without affecting the design of the vehicle. The position of the side mirror went through several virtual iterations before the exact spot was determined. This technology also allowed engineers to change the fit and finish of the all-new Mustang's dashboard. The engineers were able to determine when how to make the windshield wipers hidden when they are at rest.

Ford is the first automaker to establish this technology globally. Ford's virtual reality lab has limitless ways of improving global vehicle quality. It enables engineers and designers to see inside and through a vehicle structure with it's "x-ray vision" like features as well as has a power-wall display that allows 3D models of vehicles to be reviewed in real time. Ford continues to be an industry leader in state-of-the-art technology and will continue to improve vehicle visibility, quality, and comfort for customers.

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