Friday, June 29, 2012

Fourth of July Grilling Tips & Recipes

BRIGHTON Mich., - When people hear that the Fourth of July is coming up they immediately picture fireworks, but most people can agree that fireworks are nothing without a full stomach after a delicious summer barbeque.  Grilling can be a fun way to bring people together but it is also an art and can be improved with easy tips.

Kingsford suggests that applying a non-stick cooking spray or vegetable oil is a great way to prevent the grill from latching onto your prized chicken and devouring it when it’s ripped into several pieces as you try to free it from the sticky grill surface.  Another useful tip is to only apply sauces to your meat that contain brown sugar, molasses or honey in the last ten minutes of grilling, otherwise the sauce will burn and this will cause your demotion from expert griller to mere expert eater next Fourth of July.   An extremely useful tip that many people may not know is that direct grilling is best used only for meats that will take under 30 minutes (steak, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.), whereas indirect grilling is for meats which can only be cooked in over 30 minutes (ribs, whole turkeys, briskets and bone-in chicken). 

Grilling Check out this recipe for savory garlic marinated steaks on our pinterest as well as these top 10 grilled vegetable recipes that can help you maintain your status as the impressive expert griller that you already are! 

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