Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Wife Will Kill Me If I Buy A Lifted Truck!

You see them all over the road and probably one or two in your subdivision. The lifted truck! It is the latest craze in the truck market and has been for a couple years now. Originally used for "Mud Bogging", you no longer need to hose down the neighbors backyard to enjoy one of these monsters. Let's face it, they are pretty darn cool and in an automotive world where everything looks the same, these babies set you apart. From 16 to 60 years old, these trucks are in high demand but light on supply. You don't need a Camaro or Corvette to satisfy your mid-life crisis, the absolute fun in driving one of these will bring you back to your youth and add years to your life!

Brighton Ford has all makes and models of lifted trucks, from Chevy to Ram and Ford to GM!  Stop in for a test drive today or give us a call to schedule one at 810-227-1171

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Blog written by Brighton Ford Salesman Jack Ringwood, here’s a little background on Jack:
I have lived here in the Brighton area for over 20 years and have raised my family in this great "country" community. Between community and church involvement, scouting and my career here in the area, I've seen some pretty amazing changes over the years.

Brighton Ford has been here longer than me.

This is going to sound strange coming from a car salesman, but I'm not here to sell you anything. My job... my goal... is to help you find the perfect vehicle that YOU want. One that has the right equiptment and miles for you at a price or payment that fits your budget.

Ive been in this business for a long time, and worked for a few dealerships. Ive been at Brighton Ford for 10+ years, and here is why Brighton Ford is different from everyone else. It's easy to buy a car here!

Come in and test drive any vehicle that you may be interested in. Tell me which one you want to buy and what your budget is. That's it! There is no magic to any of this.

You aren't going to find hidden costs, or the "surprises" that so many car shoppers find at other dealerships. I don't need to "trick" you into buying a car. I'm going to help you buy the car YOU want.

They say everyone needs a Doctor, Lawyer, and Car Guy....When you say "I've got a guy".....I want that guy to be me. Give me a call!

Here’s Jack’s contact information if you would like him to find the car, truck or SUV of your dreams:

Jack Ringwood, New & Used Car Sales


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