Saturday, March 4, 2017

Customer Blog Highlights Excellent Customer Service In Brighton Ford Service Department

We take pride in our customer service here at Brighton Ford!  Whether you are purchasing a new car, used truck, visiting our Collision Shop or simply getting your brakes repaired, we treat our customers like family!  Check out one of our customers from our Service Department’s blog on how his experience has been at Brighton Ford.  We are so glad to provide him, and all of our customers, with an easy experience at our Ford dealership in Brighton at I-96 and Grand River!

Exert from Strategic Epiphany Blog:   

Customer Experience: Grinding Brakes

Two days ago my brakes started grinding something horrible.  If you heard or felt the grinding yourself, you would be convinced that I had neglected the problem for some time.  But I swear, the grinding started all of a sudden, without any squeaking or warning of any kind.  I promise!  I limped the truck home, fortunately without incident. 

Yesterday, I woke up a little early and drove to the dealership in the next town over.  I arrived at 7:00am right as they were opening, without notice or appointment.  I pulled inside their service center and was promptly greeted by a service advisor.  She was very friendly and welcoming.  I explained that I had no appointment, but didn't dare drive any further with my brakes grinding as they were.  She typed in my information and created a service ticket of some sort.  She called the rental car company for me, and then walked me to their waiting room. 

The waiting room is nicer than many offices I’ve been in.  Couches, chairs, a TV, a table with magazines, vending machines, and my favorite part… small desk-like workstations for people like me who try to stay productive.  I sat at one, took out my laptop, and managed to get a little work done as I waited patiently for my rental car.  A representative from the rental car company came and got me after a few moments, I signed some papers, and off to work I went.  Wait!  Not so fast!  As I was walking to the rental car, say 45 minutes after arriving, I bumped into my friendly service advisor who was looking for me.  I was informed that a tech had already looked at my brakes, and was fairly certain I needed pads and rotors.  She promised to call once they had an estimate prepared, but just wanted to keep my in the loop in the meantime. 

A couple hours after I arrived at work, I received a call from my friendly service advisor.  She explained that it would be five-hundred and some odd dollars, and explained exactly what they were going to do.  Obviously not wanting to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in my rental Fiesta, I gave the go-ahead.  Around 3:00pm later that day, ring-ring… your truck is all ready to go.  Come and get it. 

When I arrived back at the dealership to pick up my truck, I was walked to the cashier by my friendly service advisor, who stood by to make sure the transaction went smooth.  Much to my surprise, she had attached a couple coupons and a $25 rebate to my service ticket.  Not necessary, not expected, but a nice touch.  By the time I paid my tab, my truck had been pulled inside and was made ready for me.  I left the rental car in the parking lot, and they arranged to get it returned to the rental car company for me.       

This is an example of a phenomenal customer experience.  It is not a coincidence or an oversight on my part that I didn’t mention the heavy-duty brake pads and rotors, or how big their shop was.  I didn’t mention it, because it doesn't matter.  My customer experience was defined by how I felt about this transaction, which was wonderful, but also somewhat predetermined by the history of experiences I’ve had with this dealership over the duration of our business relationship. 

Yesterday morning when I drove to Brighton Ford, I literally drove past a more conveniently located Ford dealership on my way there.  The thought of going to a different dealership, even one closer to my house, never crossed my mind.  You see, Brighton Ford has turned me into somewhat of a customer advocate by maintaining a consistent customer experience.  An experience, by the way, that I applaud. 

I’ve purchased several vehicles from them over the years.  Our salesperson calls both my wife and I each and every year to wish us a happy birthday.  I think my wife still has a voicemail saved of him actually singing happy birthday to her one year.  He’s a great guy, and further adds to the overall customer experience. 

Here’s the point.  Customer experience doesn't come from how good your product is.  A lot of times, it doesn't even come from how well you perform your billable service.  Customer experience is defined by how you make your customers feel.

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