Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fuel Economy Myths

Fuel Economy Myths
BRIGHTON, Mich.- Gas prices have been sky high for what seems like almost a decade! Even though technology has allowed us to produce vehicles that can achieve amazing gas mileage, it still hurts our wallet every time we have to stop at the pump. Make your next trip to the gas station hurt a little less by keeping some fuel saving tips in mind and by finally busting these Fuel Economy Myths!

MYTH: Always fill up your tank at the coolest part of the day so you can get more gas.

FACT: Since the gasoline at most gas stations is stored underground, it remains cool and the temperature does not change very much throughout the day. You will not receive more gas whether you fill up in the morning or afternoon.

MYTH: Non-chain, or independent gas stations have low-quality fuel.

FACT: Local, off-brand gas stations usually purchase their gasoline from the big name brand oil companies, which means you'll receive the same fuel economy no matter where you fill up. No need to necessarily worry about receiving lower quality fuel from your local gas station.

MYTH: Use premium fuel for the best results.

FACT: Today's vehicles are built to run perfectly on regular unleaded fuel and using premium fuel won’t enhance your vehicle's performance or fuel economy. Premium gas is generally recommended for luxury or sport vehicles since they are built with high-performing engines. If you aren't sure which type of gas you should be using, check the sticker on your fuel door or the owner’s manual.  If it says 'premium gas recommended' you do not NEED to use it, but if it says 'required' then you definitely should use it.

MYTH: Driving with your windows down will lower your fuel economy.

FACT: While it is true that slowing down a bit can help improve your fuel efficiency, studies show that driving with the windows up or down doesn't have any positive or negative effect. If you want to improve your fuel efficiency, slow down.

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