Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ford Motor Company Biometric Seat Research

Ford Biometric Seat Research
BRIGHTON, Mich.- Year after year, as new model year vehicles are released we are continually impressed by the ever improving in-vehicle technology. And Ford Motor Company's newest 2013 Ford Fusion is the perfect example of the company's efforts to incorporate breakthrough technology in consumer's vehicles. However, most recently, Ford's Biometric Seat Research proves to be even more life changing on our daily driving experiences.

The technology-focused Ford Fusion is equipped with more than 145 actuators, 4700 relays, and 70 sensors that generate more than 25 gigabytes of data per hour that is processed by over 70 on-board computers! That alone is impressive, but Ford's Biometric Seat Research will provide even more data to detect the driver's stress level and overall, help us to become better drivers.

Ford's Biometric Seat Prototype introduces 4 new sensors that the company hopes to incorporate into vehicles within 5 years. A tiny sensor built into the lap portion of the seat belt will monitor the driver's breathing rate, while capacitive sensors on the steering wheel, like the ones you see on exercise machines, will measure heart rate. The steering wheel is also home to infrared sensors that can gauge face temperature and then also compare the skin's temperature with the exterior temperature. When paired together, these new Biometric sensors will detect the driver's stress level, and evaluate whether the driver is able to fully concentrate on the road. If the Biometric Seat detects that the driver is indeed to tense to concentrate, the system will issue a warning and then also may block incoming phone calls, or limit the vehicle's speed to prevent potential accidents.

Ford Biometric Seat Research

Although Ford's Biometric Seat Research is still in the beginning stages, the 2013 Ford Fusion proves that this advanced technology is not far off. To experience top of the line technology in the  latest Fusion, check out our 2013 Ford Fusion Brochure and remember that we can help you save money with our Ford Fusion Rebates, Ford Fusion A Plan Pricing, and Ford Fusion X Plan Pricing! Brighton Ford is located at 8240 Grand River Ave. just north of I-96 in Brighton. We are a family owned and operated business that strives on customer satisfaction.  For more information on Brighton Ford visit BrightonFord.com or give us a call at (800)-836-8206. with any questions you may have!

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