Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ford Biometric Stress Detectors

Biometric Driver Stress DetectingBRIGHTON Mich., - Ford Motor Company is currently working on developing stress detectors that are located in your seat belt and steering wheel, making your driving experience as safe as possible.

Although there are a few fully functional prototypes of these sensors, Ford is still in the research stage with this new state of the art technology.  Ford is striving to find what is referred to as the “sweet spot”, which is the median between high attention times and low attention times while driving.  Once your car detects your levels of boredom or stress then it will perform a range of actions anywhere from alerting you to possible upcoming traffic conditions to blocking your phone from receiving any potentially distracting messages while your focus is necessary.

How do these sensors detect your stress levels?  The seatbelt is responsible for sensing breathing rate, while the steering wheel measures pulse, skin response and even has infrared sensing technology that compares the cabin’s temperature with your own.  Temperature changes such as these can point to a change in the levels of agitation or alertness that you may be experiencing. 

Biometric Driving Stress DetectingThe onboard sensors can influence systems such as lane-keeping assist and blindspot detection to adjust its alerts depending on the traffic and environmental changes.  These notify you as to how you should be prepared to react.  Ford is definitely driving towards a better and safer tomorrow!

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