Monday, March 23, 2015

Ford Tests Consumer Insights for Interior Design

Ford Tests Consumer Insights for Interior Design
BRIGHTON, Mich. - Ford Motor Company has developed a method to give customers exactly what they want by testing consumer insights for interior designs of future Ford vehicles. Ford has started working with new research and measurement methods and high-tech tools that help acquire emotional and logical customer perspicacity. 

Ford is testing consumer insights for vehicle interior designs to acquire a better understanding of how people visually discover new cars and trucks. From eye tracking to measuring where eyesight lingers most, Ford is conducting various experiments to help create the best customer experience possible. While research will be performed at the start of the design process, consumer responses to color, materials, and other critical elements will be evaluated through customer clinics at a later stage during the process. 

The all-new Ford GT's interior was designed with a similar approach. First designers recognized the main components of the interior, then the design was pushed forward, and introduced new principles and pushed the boundaries with innovative solutions. Finally, Ford worked to ensure that a connection could be established between the driver and the vehicle with more compact, intuitive technology. 

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