Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Average Age of Cars at All Time High

Average Age of Cars at All Time High
BRIGHTON, Mich. - An automobile industry research firm has recently discovered that the average age of cars is at an all time high. Collecting data from over 247 million cars and trucks on the road in the United States, it's been revealed that the average age of vehicles is 11.4 years.

The average age of cars is at an all time high, up from 11.2 years since just last year and up 2 full years since 2007. The main reason that the age of vehicles is on the rise is simple: cars are just lasting longer. With the introduction of new technology and the dedication to producing quality vehicles, cars and trucks are able to live much longer than they did in the past.

The data also revealed that the annual percentage of cars and trucks sent to the scrap yard has dropped 50% since the recession. These numbers are expected to continue to improve, as vehicles are expected to reach the age 12 or older in the next five years. The total number of vehicles on U.S. roads is also expected to increase by 5%, making the total number more than 260 million in five years.

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