Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ford is Named the Top Brand in America

Ford is Named the Top Brand in America
BRIGHTON, Mich. - has just announced that Ford has been named the Top Brand in America by consumers. Out of the 1,100 biggest brands in the country, Ford has been chosen as the best-perceived brand in the U.S. This achievement is even sweeter since Ford Motor Company is the only automobile brand to make the top ten.

YouGov releases Brand Index rankings twice a year to show America's best perceived brands. This mid-year ranking found Ford to be number one, having beat out brands such as Amazon, Lowe's and Subway. Last year, Ford was ranked the best perceived automotive manufacturer by YouGov; this year, Ford has dominated the other brands by being the best-perceived overall brand in the country.

Ford is Named the Top Brand in AmericaThe Brand Index that YouGov uses to determine the rankings of the brands, asks survey participants whether they've heard anything positive or negative about the brand in the last two weeks. The responses, both positive and negative, are then combined into the Buzz score which gives YouGov the ratings of the public's brand perception.

5,000 Americans participated in the YouGov survey that resulted in Ford being named the Top Brand in America. There are numerous reasons why Ford has been named number one, however, YouGov seemed to suggest that Ford's refusal of bailout money during the Great Recession played a big part in how the country views the automotive company.

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