Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Salvation Army of Livingston County Is Looking For Individuals To Share Their Story

If you have worked with and benefited from The Salvation Army of Livingston County, please read their request below:

Do you have a connection to The Salvation Army?
Will you share your story with us?

Your story can brighten someone’s day.
Your story can make people laugh.
Your story can let someone know that they are not alone.
Your story can inspire others to action.
Your story may have begun as hardship, but it can end in victory and advocacy.
Your story has the power to help transform a life.

We are embarking on a project to document stories of The Salvation Army’s impact in Livingston County.  We are looking for first-hand accounts of how we may have made a connection with YOU, or how YOU made a connection with us.  We would love to hear from people who received assistance or experienced a kindness that has made a lasting impact on them, from people who regularly volunteer, from people who have found a friend through one of our ministries, to people who have found healing through experiences with our church.  Even a short, funny story can help us connect with the community we are trying to reach with our message; that we are here to meet the needs of our community in Jesus’ name.

Will you share your story with us?

Individual stories like yours help us to tell the full story of what we do, and why we do it.  I'd love to hear from you and discuss how we might share your feedback to inspire hope in others.

Please send your story to or call 517-295-4347 to share your story.

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