Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ford Experiments with Driverless Car Parking

Ford Experiments with Driverless Car Parking
BRIGHTON, Mich. - Known for working hard to make your drive as comfortable and convenient as possible, Ford is currently experimenting with driverless car parking. While Ford currently offers a parallel parking assist feature in its cars, this technology - better known as Ford's Fully Assisted Parking Aid - would allow you to park your car without even being in the vehicle.

The testing is currently taking place in Belgium and has not reached Ford's standards to be put into vehicles just yet. However, talk has been circulating about how automakers are getting closer to producing cars that come with self-driving technology - this self-parking technology supports this. Ford's Fully Assisted Parking Aid would allow for the driver of the vehicle to step outside the car and push a button which would activate the technology, allowing the car to park itself.

Another technology that Ford is currently testing is a system that would automatically brake cars when they detect pedestrians in front of them. While this type of technology is already available, Ford sets its system apart by giving the vehicle the ability to steer itself out of the way. First, the system would warn the driver of slow-moving objects and/or stationary objects in front of the vehicle. If the driver makes no move to brake, slow down and steer out of the way, the vehicle will do it instead. By using three different radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera, the vehicle will steer itself out of harms way and protect you and the pedestrian.

Ford Experiments with Driverless Car Parking

While Ford is experimenting with driverless car parking to make your drive safer and more comfortable, the current Ford models have technologies that you'll love. To see in person what Ford vehicles do to make your ride more enjoyable, stop by our White Lake Area Ford Dealership today! Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff would be more than happy to assist you with everything from New Ford Cars to Auto Loans to Used Car Value.

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