Friday, February 3, 2012

Ford Mustang – Hot Wheels

There is no doubt that the Ford Mustang has always been a “hot” car. But “hot” says more about it than just its look. There have been many envious people envious who have decided to “borrow” Mustangs from their owners since the car was launched in 1964. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, which is best known for it’s “Hot Wheels” report, which recounts the top ten most stolen cars in America. Periodically, NICB issues a report on what stolen “classics” beginning with the Ford Mustang. Accurate data for auto theft dates back to 1981, the NICB report focuses on the period from 1981 through 2011. During that three-decade era a total of 411,155 Mustangs were taken from their owners.  Here are the top ten model years stolen:

1.         2000, with 7,085 thefts between 2001-2011
2.         1995, with 6,790 thefts between 2001-2011
3.         1998, with 5,394 thefts between 2001-2011
4.         2001, with 5,103 thefts between 2001-2011
5.         2002, with 4,226 thefts between 2001-2011
6.         2003, with 3,996 thefts between 2001-2011
7.         1994, with 3,949 thefts between 2001-2011
8.         2004, with 3234 thefts between 2001-2011
9.         1996, with 3,045 thefts between 2001-2011
10.       1989, with 2,629 thefts between 2001-2011

Everyone should make an effort to increase their car's anti-theft system, this however, might be a little excessive

It’s surprising to see that nine out of the top ten model years stolen were fourth generation mustang. 1989 was the only model year representing the Fox-bodied style. Thanks to advancements in security and electronics, the new cars we carry at Brighton Ford, including the Mustang are much harder to steal. No fifth generation Mustangs made the list which says that Ford’s anti-theft advancements are working well.

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