Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All-New Ford F-150 Will Offer First Ever LED Headlamps

All-New Ford F-150 Will Offer First Ever LED Headlamps
BRIGHTON, Mich - Add it to the long list of new enhancements and features, the All-New Ford F-150 Will Offer First Ever LED Headlamps. Ford will offer a brighter, tougher and more efficient headlamp, being the first to do so within the entire pickup truck segment of the industry. The LED headlamp technology offered on the all-new F-150 will now last as long, or even longer, than the truck itself.

Using 63 percent less energy than the typical halogen bulbs, the new LED headlamps are going to give competitors a run for their money. The technology in these headlamps create a higher quality, durability and aesthetic than any other pickup truck you will see on the road. By the way, when we say durable - we aren't kidding. You could stand, that's right STAND, on one of these 11-pound headlamps and you wouldn't see one dent or scratch. Ford of course exposed the LED headlamps to their very own torture tests. The headlamps spent some time in the scorching heat, soaking in salt water and serving as a target for rocks, stones and ice. Any signs of destruction? Not a one. 

As the fastest-growing segment in lighting technology, LED can be found just about every where. Your smartphone, television and even local grocery store use LED lighting. As a simpler form of technology on the all-new F-150, the LED headlamps make for a longer-lasting and more durable product. These headlamps actually magnify light which better illuminates the road for all-new F-150 drivers. The All-New Ford F-150 Will Offer First Ever LED Headlamps and will set the trend for what is said to be the next "big thing" in the automotive industry. 

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