Monday, February 10, 2014

The Ford Design Tool You Can Find in Your Home

BRIGHTON, Mich - Have you every truly sat down and thought about the entire car designing process? From the first sketch on a piece of paper to an actual life-size prototype? The design process is a long, creatively demanding journey and requires numerous tools in order to get the job done. Do you know which Ford Design Tool You Can Find in Your Home? Well......

The answer, tape. Yes, tape is not just for wrapping gifts or fixing ripped papers. It is a critical tool that Ford designer's need throughout the designing process. It all starts with a sketch on paper, which then progressively works its way into a scaled-down clay model and 3D CAD drawings. Eventually, a full-size clay vehicle is made to help analyze body styling options.

Now, you're probably wondering where the tape comes in. Well, tape is the main source of communication between designers and modelers. Designers use tape to show modelers the lines that they want to be perfected on the car. In order to achieve the perfect balance of concave and convex angles on a vehicle, tape is needed to decide which lines need to be moved. This flexible tool can be retaped over and and over until the designers find the precise lines that fit the look they want for the vehicle.

At one time, tape was used to draw the entire vehicle because of its ability to show accurate lines on a 1:1 scale. As technology has adapted, tape is now mainly used on clay models. Ford still uses a hefty amount of this resource today; roughly 155 miles of black tape is used per year on clay models.

The next time you are wrapping a gift, you will always remember that you are using one of the most important Ford Design Tools throughout the entire design process! Pretty cool to think about, isn't it?

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