Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MyEnergi Lifestyle® 2.0 Adds Energy Storage to Increase Savings

MyEnergi Lifestyle® 2.0 Adds Energy Storage to Increase Savings
BRIGHTON, Mich - MyEnergi Lifestyle® 2.0 adds energy storage to increase savings by storing your own energy. Ford Motor Company's MyEnergi Lifestyle shows homeowners how they can save money on appliances and fuel through energy-efficient living. This 2.0 version demonstrates the benefits of integrating additional tools, such as storing energy within the home after it is captured by solar panels. With this, customers will have more ways to improve their energy usage and have power they can utilize to keep their homes running during outages.

At the 2014 International CES, Ford is announcing an energy storage system from Sharp as an example of what customers would be able to use. Battery storage will help homeowners enhance their energy footprint by adjusting when energy is used. The battery storage component will make it easier for homeowners to store their own energy and in turn, save more money.

MyEnergi Lifestyle is a Ford Motor Company collaboration with Eaton, Infineon, SunPower and Whirlpool. Ford worked closely with researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology to develop a computer model that calculates electricity usage of a typical single family in their home for one year, and the related savings with come with an energy-efficient lifestyle. Studies have shown that if every home in the United States were to implement these energy-saving technologies, it would be comparable to taking all the homes in New York, Texas, and California, which is roughly 32 million homes, off the power grid. Amazing, isn't it?

Two families participated in the MyEnergi Lifestyle program and started to see huge savings. Susan Berry and family from Southern California, expects to save more than $300 annually from their solar panel system which offsets more than 70 percent of the energy used in their home. The Sattler family in Colorado had their home retrofitted in December and expect to save $135 per year with their new energy-efficient Whirlpool freezer!

MyEnergi Lifestyle® 2.0 adding energy storage to increase savings is quite successful already with those who have already joined the program. Ford is looking forward to advancing this program further for even smarter energy consumption.

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