Monday, July 2, 2012

Endangered Species of Michigan - What are you doing to help?

Help Endangered SpeciesBRIGHTON Mich., - As many of you know, some Michigan species of animals and plants are becoming threatened and endangered due to over-hunting, introduction of foreign species and the destruction of their habitats.  We at Brighton Ford think it is important to stay updated on how we can preserve and protect the environment and now you and your kids can stay updated too!

A full list of these species can be found at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website but here is a short list of a few of the Michigan species that need your help:

Help Endangered Species

-    Canada lynx

Help Endangered Species
You may be asking yourself “how can I help these species survive?” Well according to ASPCA Kids, here are some ways that you can do your part.

First and foremost you must do what you can to stop pollution:
Throwing trash on the ground can harm animals and many times kill them, so next time take the extra second to walk to a trash can instead of polluting.

Secondly, you need to get yourself and your family in the habit of recycling:
-Recycle your bottles, cans, newspapers and old work or school papers that you don’t want or need anymore.
-Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags when you go grocery shopping.
-Turn off your lights, TVs and other electronics when you aren’t in the room using them.

Thirdly, conserve water:
Help Endangered SpeciesTaking shorter showers and not letting your faucets run is extremely important, due to the diminishing amount of fresh water that is available to us and to our animal and plant friends.

Last but not least, help your local parks and native species:
Volunteer at your local parks by cleaning up trash and also make an effort to plant native flowers, plants and trees in your own yard.  Don’t forget to put birdseed out in the winters as well!

So go out there and make a difference in your community! You’d be surprised by how much one person can help many people, plants and animals.

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