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Auto Tips For Women

Car Tips For Women

BRIGHTON Mich., - If you’re a woman then you probably know how dangerous it can be to break down by yourself in an unfamiliar area, but knowing a few important tips about cars can keep you safe as well as prepared. 


If your tire begins to lose air it should be noticeable, so start getting used to looking at your tires before you jump in your car.  If the tire does look low then add air or change your tire immediately, don’t wait!

Another warning sign of an ensuing flat tire may be that your car begins to pull left or right.  If this should happen then pull off to the side of a safe road and take a look.  You may need to change your tire.

Before taking a long trip, you should always check your tires for worn spots on your tires where wires may be popping out.  Seeing wires is a bad sign, so you should buy new tires as soon as possible.

Overheated Car
Car Tips For Women 
If your car begins to overheat then turn the air conditioning off and turn your heater on as high as it will go.  This will bring the heat away from the engine.  If pulling over right away isn’t an option then coasting can help to cool the engine.

If for more than 90 seconds you are sitting in one spot then switch to neutral to take some of the pressure off of the engine.  Never remove the radiator cap when your engine is hot because you risk volatile heat.

Battery Cables & Connectors

At some point during your ownership of a vehicle you may find that a fuzzy, green substance has enveloped your battery.  This substance is battery acid so be careful not to touch it without protective gloves and eyewear.  This can be an easy fix, simply pour some Coca Cola on the fuzz.  If this doesn’t work then you’ll need to first remove the cables and scrub them clean with a wire brush.


Chances are that if it’s raining then you’re probably going to have to drive through a puddle or two.  You’ll have to dry your brakes after this happens so be sure to accelerate slowly while pushing your brake, so that it is open to the air.

Living in Michigan you see a lot of potholes, so if you can’t avoid them then simply do not apply your brakes while driving over them.  Otherwise, your suspension may be damaged.

Car Tips For Women 
Misc. Tips

If it is windy out and you feel your car being pushed while you drive, then try rolling down your rear windows a little bit, this way the wind will flow through the car instead of pushing it. 

If your car smells bad then take dryer sheets and tuck them in various places inside.  Leave them until you no longer notice any unpleasant smells.

Do you have problems with pet hair sticking to every surface of your interior?  Use Static Guard to detach it. 

Remember to always be prepared with a fully charged cell phone as well as things like blankets or a jacket just in case you get stuck somewhere for a while.  Check out our other Brighton Ford blog with more tips!  If you have any other questions or just want more tips then you can come and talk to us or call us at Brighton Ford.  We are here to help!

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