Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Adopt Brody, The Ambassador Of Hope

Hey, I'm Brody! I'm a gray & white, four-year-old, 50-pound hunk a hunk of burning love! I have every reason to be mad at the world but I am sweet as the day is long. I overheard some ladies here say that I was the poster child for neglect, but I would rather be in an ambassador of hope. I know I came in pretty dirty, super underweight, very hungry, with a huge wound on my tail ( which merited the surgical removal of some of it) and some pretty bad parasites in my tummy. No wonder I felt so yucky! Some nice people found me wandering on the road and brought me to this wonderful place. They really seem to love me here and everyone’s been super nice. I am eager to please them and thank them for their kindness. I am a very nice boy who deserves an equally nice home! If you have love in your heart and time in your life I would love to get to know you!

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