Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Adopt The Brighton Ford Pet Of The Week Bernie

Bernie is a playful, loving 5 year old boy who will never let you feel lonely or unloved!

Make an appointment to meet him in his foster home!
Hi there! My name is Bernie. I am a very handsome, 5 year old, short hair, black and white (neutered) male. I was found by a nice family who took care of me for a while, but could not keep me, so I came to the Humane Society to help me find a new home.

I am a very confident, playful, young boy who is also very attentive and wants to have a close, loving bond with my special person! I love to be brushed, have very good scratching post and litter box habits, and may even come running to greet you when you call me! Some may say I am like a “little dog in a cat’s body”, but I say, I’m an awesome cat looking for a new best friend!

I like to get my exercise several times a day and will entertain myself (and you) playing with small toys or interacting with you to chase the laser light, feather toys or other creative games we may invent together! I also like to just hang out in the room with you and will come lay close by your side to share lots of petting and purring or, perhaps, some yoga, meditation, reading, or TV.

I would do best in a relaxed, adult home with plenty of space to explore, play and watch wildlife out the window. I would be a loyal companion for someone who is home a lot and would let me be part of your daily routine. If you let me, I will never let you feel lonely or unloved!

I am currently enjoying time in a loving foster home. Make an appointment to meet me by calling 517-552-8050. 

Here is what my Foster Mom says about me…

Bernie is an awesome cat! He is a very smart, confident, active boy who just wants someone to love! He enjoys his independence, but is also very affectionate and wants a close bond with you. He gets so excited to see you -- it puts a big smile in your heart! He loves being brushed, and is eager to play. He will lay by your side and purr while you read, watch TV or just share a quiet moment together.

Bernie likes to explore and watch wildlife from a window, but does not cry or make a fuss about going outside. He is content and well behaved when alone for a good amount of the day, but really enjoys spending time with you and would be unhappy if left alone too much. He has been good living with a relaxed dog in a foster home and will do best if he is the only cat in his home to get all your attention!

I am FIV+ What does that mean?

I tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which is a slow-acting virus that affects the immune system over time.

FIV is not contagious to humans or other animal species. It could potentially be transferred to another cat through a bite that draws blood. The virus is not spread between cats by casual contact like grooming or sharing food and water.

If I am provided with good nutrition, routine wellness care and minimal exposure to other feline illness, I can live a long, happy life in a loving home! Please give me that chance!
Learn more about FIV on the Humane Society of Livingston County’s web site here

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