Friday, December 16, 2016

LACASA Crisis Shelter – Holiday Wish List

Our friends over at LACASA have a wish list this Christmas, only these items are more of a necessity rather than a bunch of toys that will collect dust in the basement.  So let’s help them out and make some donations to keep this phenomenal organization doing what they do.  You can drop off your donations anytime that LACASA is open.  If you don’t know what LACASA does to improve Livingston County, be sure to check out their website.  Some of the people they help are child abuse victims,  domestic violence survivors, sexual assault survivors, teens and so many more!  

Shelter Kitchen
•    Coffee pot
•    Roasting pan
•    Hand-held can opener
•    Corelle dishes
•    Plastic drinking glasses
•    Stainless steel mixing bowls
•    Rubbermaid® storage containers
•    Pot holders
•    Dishtowels
•    Dishcloths
•    Knife set

Shelter Bedrooms
•    Pillows
•    Pillow cases
•    Twin mattress pads
•    Twin comforter sets
•    Handtowels

Kids’ Clothing
•    Pajamas & Robes – sizes 8 – 16
•    Slippers (all sizes)
•    Winter boots (all sizes)
•    Winter hats & gloves (all sizes)

Kids’ Playroom
•    Toy kitchen center
•    Sturdy toys for all age groups
•    Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends train table
•    Thomas & Friends train equipment
•    Doll house/people/furniture
•    Lego DUPLO Sets

Nursery Room
•    Baby dolls – culturally diverse
•    Pack’n’Play cribs/playpens
•    Sturdy toddler toys

Kids’ Puppet Room
•    Doll house, people & furniture
•    Costumes for ages 10-12 (not scary)

Kids’ Mural Room
•    Puzzles
•    Memory matching games
•    32-inch flat screen TV with stand
•    Thomas & Friends train equipment (have the table)
•    Foam/textured indoor balls

4H Room
•    Storage drawer system

Sand Tray Room
•    Gift Cards to Self Esteem Shop (Royal Oak store)

Outdoor Playground
•    Sand box toys
•    Scooters
•    Bikes – all sizes including toddler
•    Bike helmets
•    T-ball set
•    Baseball gloves/soft balls
•    Outdoor rubber balls
•    Sidewalk chalk

Group Counseling Room
•    55-inch flat screen TV
•    Laptop computer

Shelter General
•    Vacuum cleaner
•    Dust buster
•    Swiffer dusters
•    Laundry Soap/Pods – HE free & clear
•    Clear storage bins with lids

Click here to visit LACASA’s website    

Click here to learn more about what Brighton Ford is doing to help improve our community

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