Monday, August 20, 2012

Tips For A Successful Family Vacation

BRIGHTON, Mich. – It’s nearing the end of summer so why not make the most of it by taking a last road trip in your Ford with the family!  We know how challenging it can sometimes be to keep your kids occupied on long trips so here’s a list of tips for a successful family vacation that will keep them happy and comfortable on the voyage!

Tips For A Successful Family Vacation 
Snacks: Take along a variety of healthy and a few not so healthy snacks to tide them over until you can stop for a meal.  This will definitely keep the complaining levels down, trust us!

Coloring Materials: Bring colored pencils, crayons or even stickers with you on the journey and your kids can pass a lot of time just drawing or coloring in coloring books.  Have them draw a picture of what they see outside of the window or what they think your destination will look like.  You’ll get some great pictures out of it for a scrapbook or just as keepsakes.

Road Trip Presents For KidsPresents: For those very long road trips you can try buying some fun things from the dollar store and wrapping them like presents.  You can give them to your kids every hour or so and they’ll be kept completely busy by their fun new presents!  Try buying things like little toy dinosaurs or (for when it starts to get dark out) glow sticks.  They’ll have a blast!

Children's Classics 
Books: If your kids love books then this is a great way to keep them happy and maybe even make them a little tired.  If they aren’t big fans of books then maybe comic books would be a good option.  If they aren’t old enough to read then you can try going to your library and find books with audio CD’s or you could purchase a Tag Reading System from a store.

Fuzzy SocksComfy Clothes: It’s very important to make sure that your kids are wearing comfortable, road trip type clothing that will allow them to move around and fall asleep.  It would be a good idea to take blankets, a pillow or two and even fuzzy socks!

These are a few sure-fire ways to keep your kids happy on long trips. Pass these on to friends and family that have kids because these are some great tips for a successful family vacation.  Let us know how your family vacation goes on our Brighton Ford Facebook Page and share your experiences about what worked for your kids in the car!

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